AIR-EX Excavation Tool
2 kg

The VAC-EX Ltd’s AIR-EX is a compressed air-powered air excavation tool used for ground decompaction & clearance of spoil from underground assets in a wide variety of soils.

The lightweight and durable AIR-EX lance is one of the industry leading safe excavation tools with effective ground cutting depths of 100mm, this tool enables safe, effective, stress free excavation around buried fibre optics, gas, water, electric, tree root systems and underground obstructions.

The AIR-EX is available in lengths from 1.380m – 2.380m which can be used with multiple nozzle types and a variety of extension lengths. This makes the AIR-EX a very versitle tool which ultimately optimises operator performance.


HandleAIR-EX 2.0AIR-EX 2.0
Shafr TypeType 1Type 2
Part No. *VX-AE-01VX-AE-02
Weight *2.9 kg (6.3 lbs)4.15 kg (9.1 lbs)
Length *1.180 m (46.5 in)2.190 m (86.2 in)
Shaft Diameter Ø     51mm  (1.96 in)
H.A.V.S.                       0 m/s² – No vibration
Claw Coupling **3/4 in Ludecke
Compressor  RequirementsMinimum 5 bar (80 cfm)
Optimal 8 bar (160 cfm+)
Nozzle                          Non-sparking
Test Voltage75 kV per ft
IEEE 516-2021                           Compliant
EN 61235                            Compliant
*Excludes Nozzle
**Other regional variants are available on request
Tool weight can vary depending on specification.
Under our policy of continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change specifications and design without prior notice. The illustrations do not necessarily show the standard version of the machine

Working Range & Dimensions

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