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Agile and versatile tracked vacuum diggers

Monitor is the exclusive Australian distributor of VacEx vacuum excavation equipment. Using high-pressure air rather than water technology, VacEx vacuum digging machines are far more environmentally friendly – and can also be used around trees without damaging the roots.

VacEx vacuum excavation machines’ smaller footprint gives you far more versatility, since they can easily move across any terrain. Non-destructive digging (or NDD) is ideal for use in applications including pipe laying, cable laying, rail, industrial, gas, roadworks, water, arbor, electrical contractors, utilities networks, councils and more.


The benefits of choosing VacEx vacuum diggers

With their small footprint, VacEx dry excavation machines are versatile and agile, able to deploy on job sites without the need for lane closures, traffic control and the like. As a tracked machine, VacEx dry suction diggers can move easily around the job site and traverse varying types of terrain. They are agile enough to move to where they’re needed – plus they can easily be towed behind a ute with 3.5t capacity.

Hire companies appreciate the flexibility of these smaller NDD machines and the way they can be used for a far greater range of applications, including utilities, excavating holes, gas, water, and telecoms.

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