Winlet glass handling lifts

High quality European-made vacuum glass lifters

Winlet glass handling lifts offer you power, strength, and precision when lifting and placing even very heavy panes of glass, including double glazing, bullet proof glass, and structural glass.Made in Denmark, they are the glass handling lift of choice for glaziers, stone masons, door installation and other applications. Winlet glass handling lifts offer you maximum positioning ability, to place glass quickly and effectively.

About Winlet glass handling cranes

Our Winlet glazing robots’ advanced gyroscopic system allows you to control loads with complete ease and precision – no matter how heavy they are. You can then install them with millimetre accuracy exactly where you want, at the touch of a button.

These vacuum glass lifters feature:

Dual vacuum circuits for increased safety – so if one circuit fails, the glass is still held securely and your team are kept safe.AU design verification – a rare accolade, meaning that Winlet offers you smooth and precise movements for glass handling.Hydraulic controls – for faster, more precise movements compared to electric controlled machinesSelf-propelled machines – that don’t need to be supported by a truck.Able to lift a wide range of materials up to 1,000KG – which makes them perfect for heavy loads including double glazing, bulletproof glass, or structural glass.Telescopic boom – with the ability to reach into areas that other machines can’t. Winlet machines are also very compact, and able to reach into awkward areas such as goods lifts.Transportable and compact design – and can easily be towed behind a ute.Years of availability in Australia – so they’re well supported by the Monitor team with parts, maintenance and service available across the country.

See the Monitor Winlet range below

Winlet 400 Glass Handling Lift

Max. Lifting Height: 3.6 m

Capacity: 415 kg

Weight: 850 kg

Max. Lifting Height: 3.6 m

Capacity: 575 kg

Weight: 1,300 kg

Max. Lifting Height: 3.90 m

Capacity: 785 kg

Weight: 1,422 kg

Max. Lifting Height: 4.1 m

Capacity: 1000 kg

Weight: 1,850 kg

Max. Lifting Height: 4.5 m

Capacity: 1000 kg

Weight: 3,200 kg

Max. Lifting Height: 4 m

Capacity: 1000 kg

Weight: 1325 kg

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