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Mowing Height: 208.00 cm

Mowing Height: 232.20 cm

Mowing Height: 109.00 cm

Mowing Height: 118.00 cm

Mowing Height: 188.00 cm

The ultimate reliable, efficient forestry mulchers

Rayco forestry mowers and cutters are designed and built in the USA to handle the most challenging forestry work. They are ideal for handling Australia’s tough conditions.

It’s made them the forestry mower of choice for developers and builders, land clearing, arborists and tree loppers, tree removals, regional councils, Rural Fire Services, RMS, National Parks and other State Government departments, and utilities companies for clearing land for high voltage power line installation and maintenance.

Clever design features offer better productivity 

Rayco’s purpose-built forestry mowers have many inspired design features that make them ideal for remote work.

  • The hydraulic systems run closed loop cooling, to keep foreign matter out and reduce opportunities for breakdowns.
  • Cabins are pressurised to keep dust and debris out, helping to improve operator comfort, increase efficiency, and make them easier to clean and maintain.
  • Engine bays too are pressurised to help keep forest debris and dust particles out of the engine, reducing the maintenance that’s required for the machine.
  • Track tension monitoring means that if debris gets stuck or there is an issue with the tracks, the operator can easily see on the screen and stop the vehicle, avoiding the possibility of damage.
  • And Rayco machines run auto reversing fans, which automatically unclog debris from the radiators.
  • It all adds up to fewer breakdowns, higher productivity, and less downtime on the job.

Why choose Rayco forestry mowers?

Rayco began as a specialist stump grinder manufacturer. Their machines’ superior engineering and design are world renowned – and since they’ve been making stump cutters and grinders for 40 years now, they know what they’re doing.

The first thing that strikes you about Rayco forestry mowers is how well thought-out their design is. Their finish is superior – for example, they use powder coating instead of paint for a more durable end result.

The machines come complete with a 12 month commercial warranty – and because they’re such a well known brand, you’ll find that Rayco forestry mowers offer you far higher resale value than their competitors.

See the Monitor Rayco range here

Arrange a forestry mower demo or trial today

If you’d like to get hands-on with the Monitor range of forestry mowers, contact us online or call the team on 1800 025 024 now.

After-sales support for forestry mowers

At Monitor we’re serious about support. Having the right service and maintenance will help extend the life of your forestry mowers, and increase your ROI by ensuring they keep working when other machines give up.

A properly maintained forestry mulcher will ensure safe operation for both your employees and your customers. Maintenance must be done wherever you need it, whenever you need it, to preserve your investment and operations.

Monitor’s 24-Hour Support Service can provide you with the emergency support, spare parts supply, routine maintenance and training you need – wherever you are in Australia.

Forestry mower parts supply

The cornerstone of responsive service and support is having sufficient critical parts on hand, ready to use. That’s why Monitor have made a commitment to maintaining a $2 million parts inventory.

From our central parts storage in Tamworth (soon to be expanded into an even larger facility to further increase our parts inventory) and through our other 5 warehouses in major cities across Australia, we can supply parts wherever you operate.

Our expertise

Monitor has sales and service outlets in 12 major cities across Australia and New Zealand, supported by a network of regional service teams and service agents.

Our specialist technicians are fully qualified in hydraulics, electrical, and mechanical servicing to keep your forestry mowers running. Their years of experience with this equipment ensures we can offer you reduced downtime and increased safety.

We’re also happy to give you advice over the phone. You can talk to people who know and understand these machines and the real-world situation you’re in. We can help with both operating and troubleshooting for your team.

Our support fleet

We’ve invested heavily in ensuring our support fleet is among the best in Australia. Some of our hardware includes:

Service trailers

With our state-of-the-art service trailers, the Monitor team can come to you to carry out crucial on-site maintenance. You don’t have to move the machine – instead, we’ll come to you!

The trailers are fully equipped with tools, parts and everything our team need to perform a full service at your site. This efficient service makes it easy for you to keep your forestry mowers running at maximum capacity, keeping downtime to a minimum and letting you get on with more work.

Service plane

We understand that for your business, time is money. You need to keep working to take advantage of whatever business opportunities come your way.

That’s why we’ve invested in our own in-house pilots and aircraft, so that we can offer fast, responsive service to remote locations across Australia.

This amazing capability means we can be there for you when you need us most – giving you expert advice and support to get the problem solved quickly and get you back up and running.

Transport trucks

Where possible, Monitor’s transport trucks allow us to control the quality of delivery you’ll receive. Our drivers know forestry mowers, and can give you the advice you need at handover to make sure you’re comfortable with the machine and can get up-and-running without delay.

It’s another example of how we work to ensure a good relationship with you, right from the start.

Mowing Height: 232.20 cm

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