Forst wood chippers

Easy to use tree chippers, ideal for hire companies

If you’re looking for an entry level wood chipper that’s tough and reliable, the Forst range of chippers is ideal. These tracked brush chippers can easily get into sites with the tightest access, and the disc chipper design means they’re practically un-blockable. In fact, Forst chippers can handle even palms and other wetter plant material with ease.

The Forst chipper’s clutchless design means you’ll get a streamlined startup every time – just turn the key and you’re ready to work.

We find the Forst range is ideally suited to hire companies. They’re easy to use – even if you haven’t used a chipper before – which makes them great for first-time users and renters. And with a 3 year warranty, they offer you ultimate reliability to boot. 

See the Monitor Forst range below

ST6 Petrol Wood Chipper

Capacity: 6″

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