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"For fifteen years, I climbed trees myself and I was a bit dubious about buying a spider lift. Now I’ve bought the spider lift I'd say it's helped me to stay in the game a lot longer than I probably would have if I had’ve continued climbing."

"I'd recommend the Leguan for its access and side reach. Some of the jobs that we have completed with the tower, I couldn’t have put a climber in it. If I don’t feel safe climbing it, I wouldn’t expect my guys to climb it."

"Monitor Lifts are very easy to contact as well. Any issues, any troubleshooting as well, just straight on the phone and it’s solved."

"We have just always enjoyed the relationships and the service that we’ve got from Monitor and certainly hope to continue that for many years to come."

"The guys at Monitor are terrific. They take pride in their service and have long relationships with clients, and you can see why. Monitor understand that good machines in good order are fundamental to our business success, and they are very responsive with support."

"They just follow up with what they say. If they make a promise or a commitment, you know it will happen."

"Having known the Joyce family since 2004, I have to really admit that I have never dealt with a more professional, honest, salt-of-the-earth company. These guys really stand by what they say and they do what they say they are going to do."

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