OMAC stringing equipment

European-made overhead line stringers

Monitor is the exclusive Australian distributor of OMAC stringing equipment. We offer a large range of machines and equipment to handle all aspects of stringing overhead transmission lines.

The OMAC range from Monitor includes pullers, tensioners, and puller-tensioners that are specifically designed for stringing power lines from one to six conductors per phase, with a capacity from 10 kN to 360 kN. One or more hydraulic circuits allow a simultaneous or independent control of both the conductors and the rope.

OMAC machines are equipped with electronic devices that assist the operator during stringing work, monitoring and displaying working values which can then be stored, downloaded and printed as required.

We also offer the full range of equipment for stringing projects, including reel-stands, trailers, reels, ropes, pulley blocks, equipment and control instruments.

About OMAC machines and equipment

Since 1954, OMAC has designed and manufactured highest quality range of stringing machines and equipment. Their overhead and railway stringing machines are used in industries including energy transmission, energy distribution, and telecommunications.

With a focus on the development of new technologies and sustainable innovation to reduce the sector’s environmental impact, OMAC overhead and railway line stringing machines operate in more than 80 countries in the world.

OMAC stringing equipment features:

  • Electrical interface with manual backup – to ensure the machine remains operable even in the event of an electrical failure.
  • Electronic load cell integrated with the motor – to avoid too much load causing damage to the mechanism, adding significant project costs.
  • GPS tracking – so that you can keep track of the whereabouts of your investment.
  • Remote diagnostics – allowing a technician to log on remotely, diagnose any issues, and quickly either solve the problem or fully brief our technicians to go to site and rectify the issue. It’s a more efficient repair system that means less downtime and lower costs.

HV Transmission Line Stringing

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