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Rail Boom Lifts: For electric rail maintenance
Truck Mounted Lifts by Waimea Australia
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Spider Lifts

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The world’s best equipment

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What sets Monitor apart?

Monitor is a national specialist equipment provider deeply rooted in family values and professional ethics. We are uniquely positioned to meet your needs, with showrooms and workshops strategically located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Tamworth, along with dedicated support personnel in major cities across Australia.

At our inception in 1997, Monitor pioneered the first Spider Lift to Australia. Today, we continue to lead in its development. Our core focus remains on delivering, supporting, servicing, and training on specialised equipment that’s tailored to a diverse range of industries.

Superior equipment

We offer the world’s best equipment that you can rely on with confidence. Our range includes Spider lifts, Truck mounted EWPs, Rail Boom Lifts, Mini Cranes, Wood chippers, Stump Grinders, Loaders, Forestry Mowers, Stringing equipment & Vacuum Excavation equipment. We support brands including Platform Basket, Leguan, Omme Lift, Waimea, Hoeflon, Winlet, Forst, Morbark, Rayco, BG lift, Omac, Socage, Versalift & Vacex

Flexible finance options

Monitor offer flexible finance options tailored to your needs, including a hire-to-buy choice where you rent until satisfied, with a portion credited upon purchase. Alternatively, you can opt for a buy-back arrangement, securing a guaranteed percentage at project completion.

We also provide in-house financing or straightforward hire solutions. Your financial ease is our priority.

Get finance pre-approval with just a couple of steps!

Local support with Zero Downtime

Our commitment to exceptional service is unrivalled, backed by our Zero Downtime Guarantee.

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product development

With our in-house engineering team

24/7 technical support

With our qualified customer support team

regional service unit

Our in-house pilots and aircraft for remote response

detailed product training

Hands on, practical, F2F training and video sessions

local mobile service

State-of-the-art trailers for crucial on-site maintenance

loan units available

If we can’t service your equipment on the day, we’ll provide a loan unit

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