C12 / C13 Ratchet Cutters

Ratchet cutters fit for conductors, cables and shield wires. The chain ratchet allows to cut the wire progressively with minimum effort. Insulated handles tested at 20.000 V.


  • C12 Cutter for ACSR and ACAR conductors. Cutting capacity up to Ø 31 mm. Length 750 mm. C12.L pair of spare blades.
  • C13 Cutter for electric and telephonic cables. Cutting capacity up to Ø 31 mm Not fit for ACSC conductors. Length 700 mm. C13.L pair of spare blades.
  • C13.1 Cutter for shield wires. Cutting capacity up to Ø 11 mm. Length 720 mm. C13.1.L pair of spare blades.



Working Range & Dimensions

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