Omme 2750 RXBDJ – 27.5 m Knuckle Boom Spider Lift – 6992GM

2009 model Omme 2750RX Knuckle Boom Spider Lift just completed 10 year major inspection and refurb, mounted on crawler tracks:
• 27.5 m working height
• Awesome 15.5 m working outreach
• Radio controlled drive with twin drive speed
• Platform rotation
• Fly jib
• Large 250 kg MRC
• Non marking expandable rubber tracks
• 20 hp Kubota diesel engine
• Plus 24 volt on board battery operation with dual battery capacity

The 2750RX offers exceptional up and over outreach capability. This feature is ideal for work in confined and congested areas. The increased SWL of 250 kg also adds to its heavy-duty versatility. This Spider Lift is the first choice for tougher commercial applications.

At an incredibly narrow width of only 1.1 m, the 2750RX is perfectly suited to indoor applications. And weighing only 5.3 t, the Omme is safe to use [...]

2019 model Lasius 1000

With a capacity of 1000kg, this machine is ideal for contractors, installation specialists, industrial companies and on construction sites, where its compact and streamlined design really wins points in comparison with other products on the market.

The TC1 Tracked Carrier is ideal for builders, glaziers and delivery drivers; as it is the perfect solution for horizontal transport of long, heavy construction material and equipment at a project site.

The carrier is compact and just 80cm wide, and material can be placed on it length or widthwise. The radio remote controlled carrier is perfect for transporting material, such as steel beams, through small access doors and less easily accessible areas.

No more heavy lifting for your personnel. Ergonomic, efficient and safe!

Now that the tracked carrier is available in Australia, you will find that it has a precise, responsive remote control unit, which gives you confidence when manoeuvering in tight spaces. And the awesome ability of the tracks means it will take in its stride any rough terrain that you need to deal with.

Powerful battery operation means there are no fuel ignition risks of a petrol or diesel engine in situations [...]

2019 model ATN ML810 Vertical Mast Lift mounted on crawler tracks:
• 8.0 m working height
• Fly jib
• 200 kg SWL
• 24 volt Battery powered
• Elevate on up to 5° slope!


“Straight to the point with the 30T!”

The Spider Lift is one of the most effective forms of EWP (Elevated Work Platforms) because it is so versatile. With the changes in the modern working environment, people are expected to be more efficient and yet still remain safe. The only way to do this is utilise the latest technology in Spider Lifts. Not only can they handle rough terrain, getting into areas where other lifts cannot, they are able to provide greater outreach and rotational capabilities than the traditional Scissor Lifts.


The heavy duty construction of the ML810 and true all-terrain capability makes it the ideal machine for rough and tough sites. At only 1.2m wide and 1.98m high, doorway access is easily acheived. With gentle non marking tracks, the ML810 is just as at home indoors as outdoors. Weighing in at only 2.2 tonnes, the ML810 is very easily transported behind most tradesman’s vehicles. A typical trailer package grosses at around 2.75 tonnes.

2019 model Platform 1380EP Spider Lift complete with a transport trailer:
• Commissioned in Feb 2020
• Good condition
• 13 m working height
• Fly jib
• 200 kg MRC
• 13 hp Honda engine

The 1380 Spider Lift is light weight and has amazingly compact stowed dimensions allowing it to be used in the most difficult locations. A simple, strong machine, ideally suited to commercial contractors such as painters, electricians and shed builders.

The basket is simple and easy to remove in less than one minute, allowing very narrow access and reducing the stowed length to only 3.71 m.

The large fly-jib is designed for maximum travel and flexibility. The controls can be operated from the basket or the ground. Driving is via a remote control.

Expandable tracks provide stability on uneven terrain, and narrow access ability when retracted.

Monitor Lifts are the leading supplier of Spider [...]

2019 model Monitor Lifts Winlet 350 Glass Handling Machine:

The most advanced glass lift on the market today. With a unique compact design, superior range and four hydraulic functions, the job can be carried out safely, without back injuries and on time. Manufactured in Denmark, Monitor’s W 350 is extremely efficient and of high quality construction.

Monitor’s W 350 lifts up to 350 kgs with ease using vacuum / suction cups to hold the glass secure. And its telescopic boom provides up to 2.8 mts of reach. (Larger models also available.)


Winlet 350 can easily be adapted to lift a wide range of materials by changing the vacuum/suction cups. This makes Winlet 350 ideal when handling:
• Granite
• Concrete
• Plasterboards
• Steel plates
• Wooden plates
• Tiles
• Fire doors

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2019 model Platform 2714 Spider Lift with awesome outreach:
• Kubota Diesel engine
• On board Lithium battery system
• 2 speed drive
• Hydraulically Expanding Tracks system
• Fully radio controlled for all operations, from ground and platform
• Fast boom movements
• “Go home” auto stow function
• Auto level stabilizer legs
• Air & water outlets in platform
• 240 volt outlet in platform
• Fly jib
• Platform rotation
• 230 kg SWL
• Date of Test: 23/7/20

The 2714 Spider never ceases to impress with its huge up-and-over outreach. Stowing to an incredible 890 mm wide, this Spider Lift delivers the most reach from the smallest dimensions. An unbeatable machine for confined area access to taller heights.

The tracks expand to 1290 mm for stability off-road, and retract to only 890 mm which allows the 2714 [...]

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2018 model 2210 Spider Lift:
• 14 hp Kubota Diesel engine
• On board 240 Volt Electric System
• 21.7 m working height
• 10.3 m working outreach
• Fully radio controlled for all operations
• Auto level stabilizer legs
• Air & water outlets in platform
• 240 volt outlet in platform
• Fly jib
• Platform rotation
• 230 kg SWL
• Hydraulically Expanding Tracks system
• Non marking rubber tracks

With the basket removed and tracks in narrow position, the 2210 allows for doorway access. Weighing only 3 t, the 22 m Spider Lift is ideally suited for use on load-sensitive surfaces. The radio control feature allows all functions to be controlled from the basket (or any other position). This includes driving, setting the stabilizer legs and operating the booms, making the 2210 exceptionally operator- friendly.
Excellent up-and-over [...]

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