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  • May 24, 2017
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Monitor Platform Basket 3315 Spider Lift

The Platform Basket 33.15 is a unique performer offering exceptional up and over reach with the articulating telescopic boom and working envelope. The extra compact design to enhances mobility in confined spaces. Rotating the basket into its folded position allows the user to achieve minimum width when accessing tight areas. Exclusive to the Platform basket design, the expandable undercarriage enables superior spider mobility when adjusted to wide and reduced machine height when narrow.

Furthermore, the 33.15 features a water cooled 3 cylinder Kubota diesel engine. The powerful machine is guaranteed to be reliable.

Monitor Lifts new 18m Spider Lift has unmatched 10m horizontal reach, with unrestricted 230kg SWL!!

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IN STOCK NOW! Monitor Truck Mounted Lifts mounted to the popular Fuso Canter car license category cab chassis. With many features including vertical stabilizer legs, zero tail swing, automatic transmission, smooth hydraulic proportional controls, 2 man 220kg SWL, simple operation and excellent reach makes these truck mounted EWP’s stand out from the crowd.

Modern compact designs allow higher reaching booms to be installed on smaller vehicles. Strong, smooth reliable models in a range of shapes and sizes:

Telescopic Stick Booms:

The THD models are particularly suited to heavy duty applications. The all-steel and strong profile design result in a very sturdy and stable product, with unrestricted outreach in any position.

A tidy, clean and compact model, the THD range features internal protected hoses with self-cleaning brushes on the telescopic [...]


An enhanced version of the popular 22 metre spider lift from Monitor Lifts is now available.

New popular 22 metre Spider Lift from Monitor Lifts

The Monitor 2210 Spider Lift, which has become a very popular model in the tree and arbor industry since 2009, has recently received some enhancements making it by far the best performing Spider Lift in its class.


It is now known as the 2210 EVO and has the following features as standard:

  • 230kg SWL
  • Twin speed drive to increase productivity
  • Dual position outrigger legs for versatile setup options
  • Auto level for accuracy and ease of operation
  • Fly jib and platform rotation for accurate positioning
  • Expandable tracks that go ‘out & down’ to increase ground clearance and departure angle
  • Non-marking rubber tracks included at no charge if required
  • Fully radio control operation for simplicity, reliability and safety
  • Powerful 14hp twin cylinder Kubota Diesel engine
  • 21.7 metres max [...]

The LIFTMAN is an autonomic manlift, running on only compressed air. The lift is fully controlled from the cage. From the control panel in the cage, the operator can drive it forward and backwards, steer it left and right, and of course lift the cage up and down. The LIFTMAN is sometimes referred to as manlift or a pneumatic lift.

The LIFTMAN is easy to manoeuvre and very useful in narrow booths where objects might change in form and shape due to various tasks. It can easily be moved around, even without being connected to compressed air – just tow it along to a desired area.

The LIFTMAN is designed to work within hazardous environments such as for example spray booths, where gases and fumes may be present. Since it runs on compressed air only, there is no source for ignition. Jobs such as painting, masking, adding signs, applying decals, or making repairs on high-sided [...]

  • November 1, 2016
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These 4×4 Boom Lifts from ATN are extremely unique in the fact they can be used as a conventional self-propelled Boom Lift, alternatively the jacks (stabilizer legs) can be deployed from the basket to level the machine on uneven ground. Brilliant? Too right!

For the first time in Australasia, Monitor Lifts are able to supply you with a self-propelled Boom Lift that can operate safely on sloping and uneven terrain. As we know, the world is not always flat! The jacks provide set-up on slopes of up to 12 degrees. But then of course you can tackle even more angle if required with the use of stabiliser pads which are stored on the machine’s chassis. On level ground, just like a 4×4 Rough Terrain Scissor Lift, it is not necessary to use the legs unless you prefer the added safety and stability that they provide.

The feedback from rental owners and contractors has been exceptional, [...]

• Outstanding horizontal reach.
• High ground clearance.
• High drive speed.
• Proportional intuitive drive and lift controls.
• Easy to maintain (on-board diagnostic screen system).
• Designed and manufactured for heavy-duty use.

• Oscillating axle.
• Permanent 4 wheel drive
• Overload sensor.
• Lifting facilities.
• On-board LCD colour diagnostic screen system.

Monitor Omme 4200 Spider Lift

The Omme Lift 4200RBDJ is designed to traverse hilly terrain but the crawler chassis is also dispersing the machine’s weight of only 6805kg widely when travelling on delicate surfaces like pavements, lawns, marble or similar. It is perfect for applications where high and extensive reach is required but low weight is a necessity.

The up to 27% set-up ability provides operation on inclines too steep for many other self-propelled booms. Compact dimensions of 2.01m height and 8.90m length allow access into tight areas. The detachable basket makes it possible to reduce the length even further. A width of 1.75m can be retracted hydraulically to only 1.35m.

The diesel and battery hybrid power pack makes the lift equally efficient in outdoor as in indoor environments. At outdoor operation the diesel engine is the natural choice. When working indoor the electronic motors powered by 8 high capacity batteries are the motive force. No annoying and hazardous extension cords connected to mains are needed [...]

Monitor Omme 3700 Spider Lift

The 3710RBDJ provides an amazing 37 meter working height and yet stows to the typical super-compact Omme dimensions of only 1.1 metre wide and 1.98 metres tall.

The stowed length is also very impressive at only 7.78 meters, and the quickly detachable basket reduces this down even further.

Weighing only 5.3 tonnes, this Omme is incredibly light for a machine that provides a 37m working height and an increased S.W.L. of 250kg.

The 3710RBDJ also gives a maximum horizontal outreach of up to 14 metres.

Time is always at a premium, and Omme’s new 2-speed drive system allows the 3710RBDJ to be quickly driven into position, and the basket can be elevated right up to 37 meters in as little as 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

Like most of the Ommes in Australia, the 3710RBDJ is a dual power machine, combining a powerful 3 cylinder water cooled Kubota diesel engine with a double-sized battery system; 8 [...]

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