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Lasius 1 Ton Pick-and-Carry Crane

1000kg Pick-and-Carry Crane - Designed to easily lift and shift loads up to 1T

The Lasius 1T Pick-and-Carry Crane combines superior lifting capacity and reach with a unique and compact design and most importantly: SIMPLE STEERING AND OPERATION! With the Lasius, you can handle heavy objects up to 1000 kg, bringing it through rough terrain and narrow doorways.

Due to the compact design, confined spaces such as elevators and balconies are no problem. The low weight makes it possible to use where heavier construction equipment cannot be used due to surface pressure limitations.

Precise steering and operation controls mean that almost anyone can be confident about operating the Lasius within minutes. It is so easy to operate that you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Now you may well be wondering what the name “Lasius” means? Well apparently it is Latin for a species of ant. No, we didn’t know that either, but know we both know. Ants are small, can get through the smallest passages with [...]

Free Trailer with Spider Lift Promotion!

Only while stocks last! Offer ends 30th August 2019
FREE TRAILER with any Spider Lift purchased before 30th August 2019.

19m Spider Lift (Leguan® 190) Release – July 2019

Go where others can't - 19m Spider Lift with the option of wheels or tracks
NEW!! This Spider Lift is easily transportable on a 3.5T trailer, and with 19m working height. If you need to get in and get the job done, the Leguan® 190 Spider Lift from Monitor Lifts® is for you. Available with powerful 4WD, or with optional tracks, this is a capable fast-moving spider lift with a with a beefed-up 230 kg basket capacity.


19m Spider Lift from Monitor Lifts

Uniquely available with the option of either 4 Wheel Drive for smoother, faster travel speed, or tracks for rougher terrain applications, the Leguan can access many difficult locations and handle harsh applications with ease. Being skid-steer, the Leguan turns on the spot, and with all controls conveniently located in the platform, is very quick and easy to operate.

Featuring dual power sources, the Leguan is just as at home indoors as outdoors, making this machine one of the most versatile E.W.P’s available.

The 190 Spider Lift is certified for two operators and the excellent outreach envelope ensures reliable and safe operations, all day, every day. The strong all-steel construction guarantees a long trouble-free service life.

The Spider Lift is one of the most effective forms of EWP (Elevated Work Platforms) because it is so versatile. With the changes in the modern working environment, people are expected to be more efficient and yet still remain safe. [...]

With a massive 43 meters of working height, and up to 17 meters of horizontal outreach, the new 43T Spider Lift is truly a formidable weapon.

Combined with a huge basket capacity of 330kg, this machine has the ability to tackle the biggest jobs where size really does matter!

Enormous stabilizer leg travel allows the 43T to set up and operate in the most challenging terrain. And its powerful track drive will ensure it gets to the location with ease.

And yet, with its unique double telescopic articulated booms, this machine will also allow operators to maneuver the basket into the work zone with fine precision.

Newsletter – April 2019 Jack Boom Lifts

"......better make it a Jack Boom!"
What is a Jack boom? It has all the functionality of a conventional 45' (16m) knuckle boom, but has stabilisers (jacks) which can be auto-levelled by the operator from within the basket. This means that you have the advantages of a simple-to-operate boom lift that can provide a stable platform on sloping ground. Uneven ground can be literally flattened out!

Monitor Lifts & Preston Hire RR14 EVO3 Rail Boom Lifts

Rail Boom Lifts now available for hire!
Introducing the RR14 EVO3 Rail Boom Lifts, now available at Preston Hire! Preston Hire are the first company in Australia to have the EVO3 Rail Boom available for hire. With a working height of 14.4m, and an awesome outreach of 9.3m, coupled with an MRC of 400kg, these machines are truly impressive. Rail boom lift of the future.....already here

2714 Spider Lift Test Drive by Arbor Age Magazine

Go where other's can't - Is The 2714 Spider Lift for Arborists?
Is the 2714 Spider Lift for arborists? Find out here, as Arbor Age magazine takes one for a test drive.

1890 Spider Lift Review by Arbor Age Magazine

The Game Changer for Arborists - 1890 Spider Lift and Trailer
Thinking about Spider Lifts for tree care? You don't have to take our word for how the 1890 is a "Game Changer" for the arbor industry - read the review from Arbor Age Magazine.

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