VL500 Vacuum glass suction lifter

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The TC1 carrier is the solution for horizontal transport of long, heavy construction material and equipment at a project site. The carrier is compact and just 80 cm wide, and material can be placed on it in the length or width. The radio remote controlled carrier is perfect for transporting material, such as steel beams, through small access doors and less easily accessible areas. No more heavy lifting for your personnel. Ergonomic, efficient and safe!

The Ergomover is a powerful all-terrain trolly equipped with an electric motor and a hydraulic lifting and lowering function. The hydraulic lifting system makes it possible to place loads of sheeting on trestles.

The minicrane C10 is our very strongest crane: this compact crane lifts up to 4 tonnes. And that’s despite the fact that its own weight is just 5 tonnes. You wouldn’t think it to look at it though: it’s slim enough to fit through any door.

Multifunctional, robust and very simple operation – that’s the C6 compact crane in a nutshell. It’s a best seller in the mini crane category. This crane is ideal for placing glass and accurately positioning steel beams.

It is the only compact crane which can lift more than its own weight. This makes it possible for one crane to lower another into an underground space.

The Hoeflon C4 (successor to the C605) lifts up to 2 tonnes. Quite a capacity for such a compact crane. The transport flexibility is thanks to its expandable crawler tracks (75 to 110 cm) and the low centre of gravity. This makes it ultra-stable.

In addition, its new weight is low. So you can easily transport it on a trailerfor vehicles with a lower towing capacity. Finally, its compact dimensions mean you can take it anywhere.

Our smallest powerhouse lifts up to 600 kg. Impressive, considering its small size and low weight. Its small dimensions allow it to go anywhere. The various drive options mean this machine can be used in any environment. This includes places like hospitals, where exhaust gases from a combustion engine are absolutely forbidden. Therefore we give you the option of choosing which drive you want to have built into your machine. Have a look at the options to see the choices you have for the C1.

2015 model 2210 Evo Spider Lift:
• 14 hp Kubota Diesel engine and 240 volt electric system
• 21.7 m working height
• 10.3 m working outreach
• Fully radio controlled for all operations
• Auto level stabilizer legs
• Air & water outlets in platform
• 240 volt outlet in platform • Fly jib
• Platform rotation
• 230 kg SWL
• Hydraulically Expanding Tracks system

2012 commissioned Platform 1890 Spider Lift mounted on expandable crawler tracks:
• 18 m working height
• Fly jib and platform rotation
• 200 kg SWL
• 13 hp Honda Petrol engine
• Plus 240 volt operation

2016 model Monitor Platform Basket 1575 PRO Spider Lift mounted on crawler tracks:
• 15 m working height
• 7 m working outreach
• Radio controlled 2 speed drive and auto level outriggers
• Platform rotation
• 200 kg SWL
• 14hp Kubota diesel engine
• Plus 240 volt electric operation

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