F120.150.4.CM Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Tensioner
Diesel 87 hp / 64 kW

Max conductor diameter: 4 x 38 mm

Tensioner designed to be mounted on truck platform, fit to string one, two, three or four ropes or conductors.
One hydraulic circuit lets to tension at constant force even varying the speed of stringing.

  • FLEXIBLE SOLUTION: skid-mounted version easy to mount and dismount
  • CUSTOMIZED: engineered to match the job site needs
  • CONSTANT TENSION: automatic speed adjustment to maintain the tension force set
  • USER-FRIENDLY: graphic built-in electronic instrument controls all functions
  • SELF-LOADED REEL WINDER: 1 or 2 dismountable reel-winders for puller/tensioner version

Working Range & Dimensions

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F120.150.4.CM Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Tensioner

Max. Pull:
150 kN
2 x Ø 1500 mm
Max. Conductor Diameter:
Diesel 87 hp / 64 kW