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“Australia’s most popular spider lift!”

Watch the most popular Spider Lift in Australasia in action!

The Monitor 1890 PRO is the most popular spider lift in Australasia, and not without a very good reason. Economical, very compact, simple to use, reliable, and excellent outreach. No wonder it is so popular.

With its light weight design, the 1890 PRO is very easy to transport on Monitor’s strong galvanized steel trailer. The tracks expand out and down to give excellent off-road ability, and yet with the tracks retracted, the 1890 PRO has incredible stowed dimensions of only 792 x 1951 mm which allows it to drive through a domestic doorway!

The extra-long travel stabilizer legs on the 1890 PRO makes it the first choice for working on sloping sites.Narrow paths, nice lawns, sloping ground? That’s 1890 PRO country! With its dual power function and super-compact dimensions, the 1890 [...]


“Excellent outreach to weight ratio!”


Watch the 1575 Spider Lift helping people Go Where Others Can’t!

Are you ready to improve safety and efficiency in your business?

The Monitor 1575 Pro Spider Lift is a fantastic package which can help you do just that. Easily transportable with a trailer, the total weight of the package being around 2.5T (depending on the type of trailer.

For very narrow access situations, it reduces to only 780mm wide and lowers to 1909mm height. The basket detaches easily, and can then be rolled into position by one person on its own castor wheels.

Yes, it is all you need in a small spider – and more!!

Even when you load 2 men and tools into the platform, the versatile fly boom still provides full range of movement. You can reach full height with a full load.

The tracks expand out [...]

Grab a Spider Lift and Trailer package deal just for Spring! Purchase any Monitor Spider lifts model listed below and receive our SPRING SPECIAL PACKAGE for FREE!

Interested in the possibility of adding a machine to your business operation but not 100% sure that it is the right decision for you?

Monitor Lifts has now an option to let you try before you buy.

The most popular models are available for hire at very economical prices. These machines come nicely set up on a trailer allowing them to be easily towed behind a ute or small truck. Owners say they could never be without one again, and maybe you will say the same thing after using one for a few weeks!

And if you buy, you can even get a refund of 50% of what you have paid in hire!



You can also call us via our toll-free hotline at 1800 025 024.


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