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Truck Mounted EWPs

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IN STOCK NOW! Monitor Truck Mounted Lifts mounted to the popular Fuso Canter car license category cab chassis. With many features including vertical stabilizer legs, zero tail swing, automatic transmission, smooth hydraulic proportional controls, 2 man 220kg SWL, simple operation and excellent reach makes these truck mounted EWP’s stand out from the crowd.

Modern compact designs allow higher reaching booms to be installed on smaller vehicles. Strong, smooth reliable models in a range of shapes and sizes:

Telescopic Stick Booms:

The THD models are particularly suited to heavy duty applications. The all-steel and strong profile design result in a very sturdy and stable product, with unrestricted outreach in any position.

A tidy, clean and compact model, the THD range features internal protected hoses with self-cleaning brushes on the telescopic sections to prevent ingress of dirt and other debris.

THD models can be mounted to most popular light trucks, starting at the 7.5t GVM Isuzu pictured here. Different combinations are achieved with varying stabilizer configurations.


Knuckle Booms:

For superior up-and-over outreach, the PX design is choice number one! The modern double knuckle technology also provides a very compact machine without the problems of “tail swing” associated with conventional single-knuckle boomlifts.

Compare this super-compact 20 metre combination with the old single-knuckle bangers you see getting around on big heavy-rigid trucks! Imagine the cost savings and ability to get into so many more locations.

All hoses and wiring are neatly routed inside the PX boom sections, eliminating component damage in harsh applications such as tree maintenance works. The controls are simple, well proven, live hydraulic levers, which provide smooth proportional operation of the booms. A number of operations can be made simultaneously, increasing the speed and accuracy of movement even at full extension.

With a choice of stabilizer configurations and S.W.L. options, the PX range can be mounted to very compact and light weight commercial vehicles. In fact, we can even provide a 20 metre boom lift on a car licence!

Not only do the PX models excel in horizontal reach, but they also provide a much better vertical lift path which is ideal for working up the face of buildings, signs etc. (209PX pictured on 4×4 Canter.)px

The PXJ models combine all of the well proven features of the PX range as well as the inclusion of an adjustable fly-jib with an excellent range of travel. This provides increased flexibility when positioning the basket. PXJ models feature very roomy and stable baskets, with the option of 2 or 3 person capacity (depending on the truck’s G.V.M. and type of stabilizers chosen).

Another major advantage with the fly-jib is increased working height without sacrificing any of the compact dimensions of the PX design. Pictured here is the 25 metre 250PXJ which has a total length of only 8.0 metres (including the cabin)!

On all models there are a variety of options with the stabilizers and basket capacities to allow us to provide the most suitable combination for your preferred truck size and particular application.

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