Monitor Lifts have a wide range of specialised Materials Handling Equipment. It is our aim to assist all industries to reduce manual handling injuries, while improving efficiency and effectiveness. So we supply Glass Lifts for Glaziers that reduce the strain from lifting heavy panes of glass. Spider Cranes for the Construction industry which can access tight areas and lift loads up to 4 tons. Pick-and-Carry cranes which lift up to 1 ton and offer remarkable manoeuvrability. Mobile Carriers for Delivery Drivers and Manufacturers which transport up to 1200kg over virtually any terrain. Browse the categories below to see how easy we can make load shifting for you.


Glass Lifters

Glass Lifters (also known as Glass Handling Robots) make handling of glass and other large non-porous materials much safer, quicker and easier.


Spider Cranes

Spider Cranes are high capacity mini cranes for safer load shifting.


Pick-and-Carry Cranes

Makes lifting and carrying of loads up to 1 ton an absolute breeze.


Mobile Carriers & Transporters

Easily transport large and heavy objects of all shapes and sizes over rough terrain with precise remote control

There is no longer any need for completing manual handling tasks “the way you have always done them”. Welcome to the new world where back strains and back injuries can be a thing of the past, resulting in lower workers compensation premiums, happier and injury-free staff and as a bonus – greater efficiency.

Specialised access solutions with dedicated customer support

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