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How spider lifts could improve your business 

When you’re looking for equipment for your hire business, you need a machine that will give you a high return on your investment (or ROI). That means looking for equipment that:

Is easy to hire

Spider lifts are easy to operate, even with minimal experience. This, coupled with our training videos and phone support, ensures the hiring process goes smoothly and makes it easier for you to hire out a machine.

Solves problems

Spider lifts can handle narrow access or tight applications, difficult to reach areas, complex tasks at height, soft terrain or fragile surfaces. And while we’re on the subject of solving problems, we offer equipment with up to 43 metres reach. That can really set you apart as the preferred hire option.

Comes from a “one stop shop”

At Monitor Lifts, we offer a sub-hire service, so you can treat our fleet as your own. It’s a handy feature that lets you say, “Yes!” to more customers, more often.

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