Courage In The Line Of Fire

Where could your Spider Lift take you? Go where others can't with Monitor Lifts
Spider Lifts prove themselves everywhere. Even in the hottest places like the current bushfire zone on the North Coast of NSW!
We are glad to share the story and pictures provided by Port Tree Fella Pty Ltd, showing how their 1890 Spider Lift has made it easier and safer to rescue endangered and injured Koalas from the areas affected by fire.
This email was received by Monitor Lifts on 18/11/2019:

Attached are a few more pics of some of the Rescues we have been involved in. We have been on the Firegrounds nearly every day since 2nd November, plenty of pics to show.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital have been calling on us to rescue Koalas for over 10 years now. We used to climb the trees and attempt to get close enough to bag capture them. This was a usually not successful, especially on larger species. The introduction of Spiderlifts has been a real game changer. There are not too many that we can not rescue now.

We can safely access the canopy with 2 operators and retrieve Koalas that may be hard to handle such as mothers with small joeys on their backs or that are severely injured. Recent Bushfire casualties with severe burnt claws and wounds can be carefully retrieved with care and bagged without causing too much stress.

A large number of the Koalas that you have seen receiving treatment at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital were captured using the 1890 Platform Basket.

Big thanks to Monitor Industries and Platform Basket.


AQF 5 Arborist

Port  Tree Fella Pty Ltd

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