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Leguan® Spider Lifts

Monitor Lifts® have been the Leguan® Spider Lifts distributor for over 20 years, introducing the concept to Australia in 1997, bringing one of the leading brands of Spider Lifts to the market. Leguan® Spider Lifts are built and engineered in Finland, and are available with either crawler tracks or 4-wheel drive.

Leguan® Spider Lifts offer unparalleled stability and support even in uneven terrain, with a solid, yet versatile boom design. The Leguan®’s highly mobile characteristics allow work both outdoors and indoors in very tight situations–it is a truly versatile lift suited for almost every job.

Lift type: Spider Lifts
Manufacturer: Leguan
Model: 125
Weight (kg): 1568
Height (m): 12.5
Min Outreach (m): 6.3
Max Width (mm): 1200
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Lift type: Spider Lifts
Manufacturer: Leguan
Model: 190
Weight (kg): 2660
Height (m): 19.0
Min Outreach (m): 8.1
Max Width (mm): 1354
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How can they Transform your business?

Excellent Features

Leguan® Spider Lifts are suited to a wide range of applications. Its narrow build and its collapsible ‘spider’ legs improves stability while keeping the lift lightweight and suited to indoor use.

Leguan® Spider Lifts’ compact dimensions therefore make it a top choice for transport and storage — it can easily be towed behind almost any vehicle.

One major feature of the Leguan® products is the all steel platform, articulating and telescopic boom design, giving the users a rock solid aerial work platform. This mobility gives it excellent reach and up-and-over capabilities.

All controls can be operated from the platform itself, which allows the operator to remain harnessed in even while transitioning the machine. A self levelling platform ensures operatorsare kept safe while working at heights.

New and Pre-owned Lifts

Monitor Lifts® offers both new and pre-owned Leguan® Spider Lifts for sale, available at competitive prices to suit your budget.

Our Spider Lifts can also come with optional accessories, including a radio control drive unit and non-marking rubber tracks for a machine that truly meets your industry’s requirements.

Learn more about the Leguan® Spider Lift and contact Monitor Lifts® today.


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