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The new RR9 / 200 is the small platform recently developed by Platform Basket in order to make railway maintenance at height extremely easy.

The new product meets the requirement for extremely light and compact equipment that can be transported on trailers with a maximum total weight of 3.5 tons and capable of working on railways up to a useful height of 9.5m with 200kg of payload, allowing for 2 operators on board. The RR9 / 200 offers the possibility of having a self-propelled platform for aerial work for both rail and civil use!

It is equipped with a base undercarriage on tracks for road and off-road use that offers excellent grip on the ground in any terrain condition together with a low specific load particularly designed to allow handling even in presence of delicate floors in railway stations. The base undercarriage then offers a system of 2 hydraulically controlled carriages that allow the positioning of the machine from track to railway wheel. But the real merit of this base undercarriage concerns the hydraulic rotation of the tracks perpendicular to the 2 railway carriages which allows easy access to the railway without the need for special alignment manoeuvres.

The transmission is made with independent motor-wheels both for the control of the tracked undercarriage and for the transmission on the railway wheel. Each railway motor-wheel has a negative brake to guarantee the stopping of the equipment in any condition, even in the absence of driving force. A two-speed system allows the use of RR9 / 200 up to a rail speed of 10km / h. The power is delivered through a 10.5 kW diesel internal combustion engine.

On request, it will also be possible to equip it for fully electric operation with Lithium batteries in order to make the equipment suitable for use in tunnels, subways and inside buildings such as hangars, stations etc.

The upper structure consists of a 360 ° rotating turret with automatic leveling of the basket even in the presence of railway inclination (CANT) up to 180mm with 1435mm of gauge. Its articulated arms make it extremely compact and suitable for entering and exiting the railway even in the presence of a road open to traffic. The basket, completely made of aluminum, offers sufficient working space for 2 people on board.

Through a sequence of 35mmq section copper braids, located between the various articulations of the platform, the equipotential between the operator basket and the railway track is guaranteed to ensure the safety of the personnel on board in the event of an electric spike.

The biggest challenge with this highly sought after rail boom lift will be getting your hands on one, so don’t delay, enquire today!!

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Chassis Type
Boom Type Articulating Knuckle
Hydraulic Fly Boom
Platform Rotation
Maximum Working Height(m) 9.50
Maximum Platform Height(m)
Maximum Horizontal Reach(m) 4.70
Lift Capacity max. / MRC(kg) 200
Weight / Outreach Limited Yes
Turret Rotation
Outrigger Stabilisers
Minimum Transport Length(m)
Minimum Transport Width(m)
Minimum Transport Height(m)
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