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2016 Model 16 m Jack Boom Lift – S/N: Z1616014S

ATN Zebra 16RT Jack Boom - 16m 4WD Diesel Knuckle Boom with outrigger legs


Plus GST

2016 demonstrator ATN Zebra 16 RT Jack Boom 4WD Diesel Knuckle Boom Lift with outrigger legs:
• New design – latest model
• Kubota diesel engine
• Class leading horizontal outreach
• Only 351 hours as of Aug ’21
• Oscillating axle for excellent off road performance
• Excellent condition – suit new buyer
• Auto level stabiliser legs
• $84,900 + GST

These 4×4 Boom Lifts from ATN are extremely unique in the fact they can be used as a conventional self-propelled Boom Lift, alternatively the jacks (stabilizer legs) can be deployed from the basket to level the machine on uneven ground. Brilliant? Too right!

For the first time in Australasia, Monitor Lifts are able to supply you with a self-propelled Boom Lift that can operate safely on sloping and uneven terrain. As we know, the world is not always flat!

The jacks provide set-up on slopes of up to 12 degrees. But then of course you can tackle even more angle if required with the use of stabiliser pads which are stored on the machine’s chassis. On level ground, just like a 4×4 RT Scissor Lift, it is not necessary to use the legs unless you prefer the added safety and stability that they provide.

The feedback from rental owners and contractors has been exceptional, as the performance of these machines is terrific, and ROI’s are stronger than with conventional models. Operator’s feel safer and also love the confidence they can have in knowing that the job will get done regardless of conditions on site!

  • 2 man platform
  • 4WD
  • Auto level Stabilizer Legs
  • Electric Emergency Lowering System
  • Fly Jib
  • Kubota Diesel Engine
  • Platform Rotation (optional)
  • Vertical Outrigger Legs
Boom Type Articulating Knuckle
Platform Rotation 2 x 90°
Maximum Working Height(m) 16.8
Maximum Platform Height(m) 14.8
Maximum Horizontal Reach(m) 9.3
Lift Capacity / SWL(kg) 230
Turntable Rotation 360°
Turntable Tailswing 0
Outrigger Stabilisers Yes
Minimum Transport Length(m) 5.69
Minimum Transport Width(m) 2.24
Minimum Transport Height(m) 2.25
Power Kubota Diesel engine
Weight(kg) 8050
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