Specialist equipment designed for tree lopping businesses

At Monitor we’ve taken great care to assemble a product range for arborists that’s made up of the world’s best equipment, supported Australia-wide.

For example, our spider lifts are a specialised Elevated Work Platform (or EWP), designed to help people work safely at heights.

Particularly suited to arborists, they are available in models with working heights ranging from 12 to 43 metres. Spider lifts are also easy to transport to a tree lopping job site, with the majority being towable behind a Ute with a 3.5T GVM.

Then there’s our stump grinders and wood chippers, imported by Monitor and designed for hard use by arborists, tree removalists, tree loppers, and local councils.

World renowned Rayco stump grinders offer superior engineering and design. And our range of auto feed wood chippers – designed by professionals for professionals – are light weight and boast a small footprint to ensure accessibility.

Monitor offer a comprehensive range of lifting equipment such as Hoeflon mini cranes that  feature a very high power to weight ratio – and they’re extremely compact, with an amazing working envelope.

Our specialised vehicle range includes non-insulated truck mounted lifts, an affordable, efficient way for arborists to work safely at height. They offer the outreach and basket capacity our arbor customers demand.

Why are spider lifts ideal for arborists?

One of the most versatile types of EWP in Australia, spider lifts have many features that make them ideal for use by arborists.

Using a spider lift helps arborists avoid the dangerous task of having to climb trees all day, every day, helping to increase safety and prevent fatigue for workers.

Spider lifts can also be a more cost effective solution for arbor businesses than paying professional tree climbers.

Spider lifts are:

  • Lightweight and towable behind a ute
  • Narrow enough to fit through a doorway
  • Able to be set up on slopes
  • Nimble enough to traverse rough terrain
  • Easily transportable, and
    Able to reach great heights and outreaches

One important feature for arborists is that, for the same height, spider lifts are considerably lighter than a standard boom lift. For example, where a boom lift weighs 5.2 tonnes, a spider lift with similar specs will weigh just 1.79 tonnes. This means they have a considerable advantage in setting up in domestic areas where space is at a premium.

All of this means that spider lifts offer the right combination of safety, efficiency, and adaptability for arbor businesses.

Our Zero Days Lost guarantee: backing our machines and your business

You can rely on equipment from Monitor to keep going until the job is done. In fact, we’re so confident about the quality of our products that we are happy to offer you the Monitor Zero Days Lost guarantee.

For machines working within the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth metro areas, the Zero Days Lost guarantee means just that – you won’t spend one full day without a machine when you’re on the job.

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