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In 1997, Monitor Lifts® introduced the first Spider Lift into the Australasian market.

Engineered for stability and precision, Monitor Lifts® offer an expansive range of Spider Lifts for sale in Australia and New Zealand. We provide quality access equipment backed by a dedicated after-sale support team to ensure that your lift is always at the top of the game.

Monitor Lifts® are the leading supplier of Spider Lifts and specialised access equipment in Australia and New Zealand. Our entire range is available for both sale and hire — we offer flexible plans to meet your needs.

Our many clients include Arborists, Tree Loppers, Builders, Construction companies, Councils, Government Departments, Schools, Electrical Authorities, Power Distributors, Electricians, Plumbers, Painters and more!


Monitor Leguan 130 Spider Lift


The original Spider Lift, and the first ever to reach Australian shores over 21 years ago. Built in Finland, and uniquely available with either 4 Wheel Drive or tracks. Try it for yourself at Monitor Lifts®, your trusted AU/NZ lift distributor.

Monitor Platform Basket Spiderlift


Super-compact designs ensure these models are the first choice where narrow access is of major importance. We are a trusted Spider Lift supplier — get competitively priced and very versatile spiders now.

Monitor Omme 2750 RX Spider Lift


These tallboys from Denmark are designed for superior performance and long life. Highest quality spiders for the higher altitudes, yet still providing doorway access. Truly a reliable elevating work platform you can trust.

Truck and Trailer Mounted Lifts

Strong, smooth and reliable models including truck, trailer and ute mounted lifts. Modern, compact designs are available.

Tracked Boom Lifts

For seriously difficult terrain, access into really tight areas or for use on load sensitive floors, tracked boom-lifts provide amazing, economical and effective solutions.

Rail Boom Lifts

Designed as a dedicated road & rail boom-lift, the RR14 Evo range outperforms traditional modified products with a host of dedicated railway-specific features.

4 x 4 Jack Boom Lifts

The revolutionary ATN® Jack BoomTM Lifts allow conventional boom lift operation even on steep slopes.

Air Operated Lifts

These pneumatic lifts run only on compressed air and can be fully controlled from the basket offering a safe, comfortable and efficient working environment, and eliminating the need for scaffolds and ladders.

Glass & Materials Handling

These Winlet robotic machines make handling of glass and other large non-porous materials much safer, quicker and easier. Perfect for stone, sheet steel and Façade panels and fire doors.

Hire Lifts

Monitor’s specialised lifts are also available for hire Australia-wide. Regardless of what shape and size lift your job requires, Monitor can provide the right height for any tight site!

Pre-Owned Lifts

Quality used machines available to suit more modest budgets. All used products are guaranteed to be exactly what they are stated to be. Choose from a wide selection of Spider Lifts, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and more. Many are still under warranty.

  • The Monitor machines are just fantastic. So much easier to use and reliable compared to our previous  (other brand) products. We used to get called out to 1 in every 2 hires to help with operation or with some issues, but we haven’t been called out to the Monitor 2210 or 1890 once yet! We are getting excellent utilisation; they are both out today.Shane, Arborist - Owner of an 1890 and 2210
  • I’ve climbed all my life, but once you’ve had one of these machines you’d never be without one. The places we put it are phenomenal, and it’s just so much easier on your body.Arborist - Owner of an 1890
  • The service from the Monitor team though is BEYOND COMPARE! Wonderful easy to deal with people that I could not recommend highly enough. Thanks Joyce family and your team! I will definitely deal with you in the future.Matt Cook, Seed Harvester
  • Just thought I would send you a quick email thanking you for your after service care and the smooth transaction that occurred between us, was very pleased with Tim’s willingness to change over the trailer plug hassle free and the guard that you sent up for us, it has been a pleasure dealing with all of you guys at monitor and will be speaking very highly of your company in the future.Jamin, Arborist - Owner of an 1890 PRO Spider Lift
  • We appreciate the gift and most importantly the thought. For me …the things I value most are the human elements of integrity, respect and friendship as well great product and support. I think we get that in bucket loads from you and Monitor LiftsDavid - major rental company with several Monitor products
  • Your service is impeccable. Everyone is always friendly and you know what you’re talking about.Shane, Tree Service, Owner of an 1890
  • I can always get service and parts fast, and that’s more important to me than the price.Sean, Arborist, Owner of an 1890
  • This is a personal testimony the superb backup and skill of the dedicated maintenance and repair team, it has been a long time since I have been so impressed, the fault has been rectified and the machine performs well, it is robust and well made. To anyone wishing to purchase a machine off Monitor Industries I recommend they do so, the communication I had with the company was excellent, all phone calls and messages were answered and the parts I needed were shipped to me overnight.Michael, Arborist - Owner of an 2210 Spider Lift
  • We have increased productivity, the guys are very very happy, and management is happy too!Mark, Truck & Bus Repairer - Owner of a Liftman air operated lift
  • The 1575 is the reason I’m still in business. When I bought it I was a bit worried I wouldn’t get enough use for it, but now I just use it all the time. It gets me places nothing else can go, and it has saved my body.Peter, Arborist - Owner of a 1575 Spider Lift
  • Love your service – You sell it, but you back it up, you ring every now and then to check, your company is one in a million!Eric, Cleaning Maintenance - Owner of a 1575 Spider Lift
  • Your service to my company has been second to none.David, Rental - Owner of a TZ-34 Trailer Mounted Lift
  • I would like to thank the workshop boys, they were a great help to me on Wednesday problem solving an issue with the machine. 10/10 for customer service.Jesse, Arborist - Owner of a 2210 Spider Lift
  • Worth every dollar, wouldn’t be without it!Matt, NSW
  • Monitor Industries has always been a reliable and pro-active supplier of self propelled MEWP. I have found them to be very easy to work with and can be relied on for their advice, service and after-sales support.Mario, QLD Electrician - Owner of Monitor Leguan 125


Monitor 1890 Spider Lift

Tree Care

Visit a selection of Monitor lifts in action in the arbor industry. Tree care is a major customer group for the specialised access products that Monitor Lifts® are known for.

Monitor RR14 Rail Boom Lift


There are very specific requirements for machines that work in the rail sector. See Monitor’s rail mounted booms here (both self-propelled and truck mounted.)

Monitor Leguan 105i Spider Lift


One of the first trades to embrace Monitor Spider Lifts was the electrical authority / power distribution industry. Ideal for ease of transport and accessing substation facilities.

Monitor GSR E148T Truck Mounted Boom Lift


The mining industry poses unique challenges, and Monitor Lifts® have a number of unique machines (truck mounts and crawler lifts) to rise to these challenges (literally!)

Monitor 2210 Spider Lift


The Monitor Lifts® range appeals to a wide range of trades, especially with their easy-to-transport nature and compact design. Backyard access has never been so easy.

Monitor GSR E148T Truck Mounted Boom Lift


Construction sites can vary from rough, boggy and uneven places to having very strict floor loading requirements on multi-storey buildings. Bring on tracked lifts! Conquer the slopes. Cruise through the mud. Set up and access almost anywhere! Go where others can’t, and leave without a trace of where you’ve been!

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Lifts for Sale or for Hire

All of our specialised lifts, including our cherry pickers and Spider Lifts, are both for sale or for hire. We have a wide selection of products, both new and pre-owned, so that you can find the right lift for the job that also fits your budget.

Specialised access solutions with dedicated customer support

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